2010-10-03 Dilemma

So I should be posting something from the technical rehearsal of Limelight Productions’ Beauty And The Beast. But since I don’t know when I’ll get home from that…

When do you replace a car? Mine is under five years old, and has now been into the garage about five times for oil leaks. The last trip cost £650, was under a month ago and yesterday the car warned me that I needed to "Check Oil Level". As the dipstick shows, it’s definitely running low.

(Ignore the oil that’s running towards the left of the dipstick; that’s just running downhill because I spent so long trying to hold the dipstick and get a moderately in-focus photograph all by myself)

Part of me wants to get shot of the thing now; part of me thinks that that will be an awful waste of money.

Let’s see what the garage says tomorrow…

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