2010-12-04 The Ochils and the Wallace Monument

Wow… that’s day 100 of my Project365 already!

I am taking part in a pantomime – Jack and the Beanstalk – in the Dunblane Centre, Dunblane at the end of this coming week. The severe weather recently has played havoc with our rehearsal schedule in the critical "just-before-the-show-goes-on-stage" phase, so the principals had an extra rehearsal today.

On the way to rehearsal, I was amazed by the view of the Ochils. The snow, the contrast between the exposed rock and the snow and the richness of the colours in the sky made for a lovely combination. So at the first available place, I turned off the motorway and found somewhere to stop and take a photograph.

Wish us all luck for the show… to say nothing of getting to the theatre!

BTW, I know this is over-sharpened to heck and back, but I loved the way it looked!