2010-12-06 And… relax

This morning started really early, just before 5am. My office’s sister department is in Stevenage, and I was intending to go and visit it.

So, I got up bright and early, defrosted the car and made it to the airport in good time. Getting through security took very little time, and as I walked to the departure gate I met a friend and chatted for a while before my plane was ready to go.

The plane left on time at 7am, and I travelled to the office. Behind me, the airport was shut at 0915 as the worst snowfall in forty years caused travel chaos in Scotland. I blithely travelled on to the office, where I spent a long day working through various issues with my colleagues.

It had been a long day, and at the close of the business day I was glad to make the short walk to the Holiday Inn Express. I checked in, and went to my room…

It may not be the highest class hotel in the world, but it’s comfortable and quiet… and I was more than ready to chill out for a few hours before going to sleep!