2011-03-06 Redding Road Railway Bridge

This is the Redding Road railway bridge in Redding, near falkirk. I tried to find a word for "bridge" that began with "R", but the cause of alliteration was to be defeated. Even thesaurus.com couldn’t give me a word for bridge that began with an "R". Oh well, never mind…

This was taken with my G10. It has returned from its visit to camera hospital, just in time for a forthcoming business trip. I am quite delighted about that, as I had come to rely on that camera and was really missing it.

As for the bridge, this is a new pedestrian bridge on Redding Road, on the east side of Falkirk. When I say "new", I mean a replacement for an old bridge.

To the right is the main road through the collection of villages known as "The Braes" – Redding, Rumford, Brightons, Maddiston.

On the left, the main Glasgow to Edinburgh railway line; Edinburgh is to the the left.

As for the boy who appeared on his bike, that was just fortuitous. I was so busy looking at the camera held way above my head that I had no idea he was there… I just about dropped the camera in surprise when I saw him!