2011-08-12 (Day 350) I Have My Douts

Smoking. Never quite "got it". All I associate it with is a bloody awful smell. But some people obviously like it…

It must be hell to be a smoker if you’re travelling on a long-haul flight. You start, perhaps, with a connecting flight, a two hour delay before the long haul part, and twelev hours in the air. Then before you can indulge your craving, you need to wait in a long queue to get through immigration.

Small wonder then the the first thing you see when you exit the "Arrivals" door of an airport is a gaggle of smokers sucking in the vapours as if they’ve not breathed for a month…

Stansted Airport is no exception; this is one of the bins outside the terminal. You can iagine I got some strange looks shooting this one!

As for the title… well, in old-fashioned British slang a "dout" is the term for a cigarette end.

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