2012-02-18 (Day 049) Bicycle

This bicycle is displayed in the Glasgow Museum of Transport and Travel, in the Riverside Museum Building.

I object to it being called a "museum", because museums (musea?) impliy old things and I certainly do not regard the 1995 ford Granada shown there as being old! But the presentation is wonderful, and it is a very pleasant place to while away an afternoon – the more so with admission being free and car parking just £1!

Anyway, the above may possibly be the oldest bicycle in the world!

According to the display card, the inventor – Gavin Dalzell – may have copied an earlier design, but the curators of the museum are confident this it is the oldest surviving bicycle in the world.

More information about the museum at www.glasgowlife.org.uk/museums/our-museums/riverside-muse…

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