2012-03-02 (Day 062) Peterborough Station

This was another day where I went to the office in the dark, stayed there until it was time to board a train, and only got home when it was dark again. Peterborough Station provided a decent photo opportunity.

Actually more than one decent photo opportunity, but I thought it would be impolite to post a picture of the poor girl who was clearly struggling with a very short skirt and a somewhat windy railway platform!

So, instead I present this picture of the view from the south end of Peterborough Railway Station. The line on the centre-left of the picture is where the next train will be approaching from, so it’s good that trains aren’t being allowed to go down that line. The line to the right is ready for traffic, and I guess that at the nearby points the train would be switched to the right-hand fork in the line.

Soon after this, my train arrived and four hours later deposited me in Edinburgh.

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