2012-03-20 (Day 080) Low Bridge

There’s a little voice in the back of my head saying I’ve shot a picture like this before for Photo Of The Day. Hmm… I’ll need to check.

However, this is a roadsign warning of a low bridge ahead. The Union canal is borne on top of the bridge, and Nicolton Road goes under it.

It’s a really twisty, narrow little road, and even though it can slow me down I cannot help but laugh every time I see a large Transit or similar vehicle doing a twenty-seven point turn just at the entranceway to the bridge!

It’s probably fair to point out that it is an arched bridge; there is a certain width that is measured out and it is at those points that the bridge is just 6′ 6" high.

Of course, the mouth of the bridge is not in this picture… it’s just round the corner… I wonder if there’s a van in front of us right now, trying to turn round on this single-track road, since it cannot get through the bridge…

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