2012-04-14 (Day 105) Falls Of Dochart

Our short holiday was over, it was time to pack up the car and head home.

On the way back, however, we stopped in the village of Killin, where we took a few moments to enjoy the spectacle of the Falls of Dochart. These falls on the River Dochart are not high waterfalls, but the volume of water flowing towards Loch Tay make them attractive none the less.

It’s the kind of place where "milky water" photos are almost mandatory, but when we arrived it was much too bright to take them. No matter – give it half an hour and the season changed from summer to winter, and I was able to get the above picture in the thickening gloom. Soon the snow came on (I jest not), and we went for lunch. When we came out, the kids played in the swing park in brilliant sunshine.

Ah, Scotland!

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