2012-06-04 (Day 126) Breakfast Time

Today is a public holiday in Scotland. It’s quite complex, but I think that Queen Victoria’s birthday has been moved to today for this year only, in order that we can have a long weekend and celebrate the Queen’s DIamond Jubilee tomorrow.

As I am working today I didn’t pay a lot of attention.

Anyway, on the way to work I saw these ladies crowding at to the edge of their field, clearly looking for some breakfast. I wonder if the farmer was having a holiday lie-in, or if they are just always there, desperate to get whatever feed is thrown to them.

I went out to photograph them, and they seemed to get a little agitated. I don’t know if they are perhaps thinking that I was breakfast. I mean, I know that they’re meant to be herbivorous, but, well, evolution happens…

I went back to my car and drove off!

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