2016-05-16 (Day 137) Dechmont Law

This is the view fromDechmont Law, a 217m high hill at the edge of Livingston. It amazes me that I worked in Livingston for eight years and never knew that this viewpoint was here, but I’ve found it now.

We’re looking approximately north-east here. The foreground is dominated by the Deer Park golf course, and beyond that some housing from Livingston itself.

In the distance, starting from the left (north). A bunch of windmills. I’m not sure where they are, but they must be somewhere west of Dunfermline? Perhaps someone from that part of the world can say where they are.

The next feature is the Forth Bridges. The first one we see is the new Queensferry crossing, under construction and dut to be open around December. It towers over the original Forth Road Bridge that stands next to it – I wonder whether the councillors who approved the new bridge really understood what that extra height would mean?

And then the is the grand old lady herself, the Forth Rail Bridge – resplendent in her red paint that seemed to take so many years to apply.

The next thing we see is a large, bare hill. This is not a natural hill but is a shale bing. This – the Niddry Bing – was created from the used shale that was mined in the area. A bing in this area is officially a monument to the workers in the industry, I am not sure whether it is this one.