2016-05-18 (Day 139) Are You Bringing Food?

Yes, I know there’s a train behind me. It’s long ,it’s blue and it’s train-like. And you know what? It doesn’t bring me food.

You might.

I don’t care about the train. Have you got any food?

This cow was standing in a small group with some of her friends as I drove to work this morning. Her field is just off the road near a rather low bridge that carries the canal across the road.

This morning, as I was nearing this road, a three-tonne truck swung across my path ahead of me on the road. I followed on, leaving a fair amount of space between the truck and me.

Because I knew what the truck driver didn’t. That a three tonne truck ain’t gonna get under a bridge that’s only offers 6ft 6in clearance.

As the lorry travelled down the road it was clear that the driver was having second thoughts. I hung back. Then I saw the truck reach the bridge, stop, a few seconds wait and the reversing lights came on.

Sat Navs. Gotta love ’em.