2017-05-05 (Day 125) Missed!

So far, the greatest challenge I have found with the move to film is that I am restricted in the number of pictures I can take per day. It’s a 31-day month, and I have a 36 exposure film. Allowing the risk of an out-by-one error, that gives me four “spares”.

So today, I thought that it might be interesting to take this picture of a railway entrance sign and a train whizzing past. The train appeared and I quickly got the camera ready, not really prepared. And then I clicked the shutter.

I think that I saw the end of the train just going out of shot as the shutter went down, too late to stop the process of taking the picture. Maybe I’m wrong, I’ll see when the picture comes back.

With digital, I would simply have waited around for the next train and would have gotten the picture just right. But I don’t have that luxury.

Of course, with digital I would also have been able to look at the image and see whether it “worked” and if not, go out and try to shoot something else.