2017-09-03 (Day 246) Wharry Burn

With the Kilmacolm Half Marathon on next Sunday, I went for a 10k run today. My route was Dunblane’s Glen Road, an historic road that goes from the city, along the Kippenrait Glen, emerging in Bridge Of Allan (then back up the main road to my start point).

It is claimed that the Kippenrait Glen has been continuously wooded since the last Ice Age, and its biodeversity issuch that it has been designated as a site of European Importance.

This picture was taken at the Wharry Bridge, where the Wharry Burn flows far below the bridge. This water has flowed off the Ochil Hills, and been held at Waltersmuir Reservoir, before flowing under the bridge here and on into the Allan Water – which itself joins the River Forth at Cornton.

It’s a lovely place for a run, or indeed a walk.