2017-11-14 (Day 318) Linlithgow Morning

There was fire in the sky above Linlithgow Palace this morning, but it was only the sunrise. I saw it on the way to work and tried to find somewhere sensilble to stop. Eventually I got to a spot where there was a decent view, but I had a longer walk than I expected to take the picture. On the positive side, I had over 2,000 steps by the time I got into the office, so all good!

On a technical note, this photo was taken on the phone and mostly edited using Serif Affinity Photo app on an iPad. Affinity on the iPad seems very capable, though I am at the very bottom of the learning curve.

I did pull it in to Photoshop to do the post-crop sharpening (I couldn’t find an equivalent of Smart Sharpen) and to add the IPTC metadata (a serious omission in Affinity).

It took me longer to process than it would have in Photoshop, but I am happy with the results