2018-04-01 (Day 091) Cycle Race

I went for my Sunday training run today, and as usual went to Stirling Uni to park. But my normal space was inaccessible, because there was a cycle racing event on all day. This was the “Crit On The Campus”, organised by Stirling Bike Club in conjunction with Stirling University.

These folk were not hanging around!

I do have some photographsd from the event that are properly in focus. But the reason I picked this one is that I like the way you can see hoe much of the movement was across the plane of the camera.

Look at the girl at the back, with the “Edinburgh” jersey. She is mostly headed directly towards the camera, and is sharply in focus.

But the leader of the group is moving across the plane of the camera pretty fast – she is so fast that she is just a blur!

Congratulations to all of the riders – you had a lovely day for the run.

Spared and well, in four weeks I’ll be going along this road… probably not so fast, however!

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