2018-04-08 (Day 098) Last LSR

You may have noticed that I am in training for the Stirling Marathon. I might have mentioned it – I’m not sure.

Anyway, today was the last Long Slow Run (LSR) of the training. After today, we enter the “taper” where the runs get shorter for a couple of weeks so that – in theory – the muscles are in tip-top condition for the main event.

So today on my LSR I went from the Falkirk Golf Course south to the Forth & Clyde Canal, turned right (west) and kept going until my watch told me I had done a little over ten miles. I stopped at a marina just north of Cumbernauld, then headed back the way I had come.

When I got back to Falkirk I went on to the Rosebank before heading back to the car, taking the total distance up to 22 miles.

Mr de Mille, I’m ready for the taper.

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