2018-09-15 (Day 258) Moving In

Today Jenni got herself moved into her flat. What an operation it was!

I need to put this in context. Her flat is in a development that is on top of a car park in Nottingham town centre. Our car was full of her stuff, and had the roof box on top – also full. But when we got thre, we realised that the car park had a maximum clearance of 2.05m – and the car was 2.30m. So we had to take everything out of the roof box and put it on the passenger seats. Marie and I carried the roof box to the hotel room – the receptionists didn’t even blink!

Then I drove to the car park while Marie and Jenni walked. The next step was to get all the contents of the car into her room. This required us to go down in a lift from the car park to ground level, walk round two sides of the car park, and then get another lift up to the student accommodation. There were two car park lifts, and two lifts in the accommodation. Unfortunately each pair of lifts had one lift out of order – so we had to wait ages to get into the lift!

After the first run, where Jenni and I carried a box or two each, we realised we needed something better. When we saw this trolley going free, we grabbed it.

Using the trolley, we managed to get the rest of Jenni’s stuff into the flat in just two trips. I have no idea how many it would have taken if we hadn’t had the trolley.

However, we managed to get everything unpacked and get Jenni set up in her flat. Unpacking all that stuff and finding paces to put it – that’s her job now!

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