2019-02-16 (Day 047) Guys And Dolls

So, how to pick just one photograph to describe this day? Luckily, I shall be able to post many more in the blog, but for now let me just say thta this was a fantastic – and fantastically tiring – event.

Friday evening was spent rehearsing. That continued through the night. I was released at 0530, and clambered, fully clothed, into my sleeping bag. I lay in the foyer of the theatre, on the floor. Morpheus may have taken me for a little while – I’m not sure – but my alarm sounded at 0700 and it was time to get up.

The rest of the day spent in rehearsal and line learning, with occasional respites to grab some food.

By 1910, we had the tabs in and the house open. As the audience took their seats the cast bows were being set and the scenery was still being painted!

But we made it! And I honestly believe that we put on a damned fine show!

So, a huge thank you to the cast, the crew, the band, the organisers – everyone involved ina fantastic project.

And now? It’s bed time!

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