2019-03-27 (Day 086) Poor Francis

Poor Francis Fryer.

He gets hired to do a song and dnace act somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Like, really far out in the sticks. But he goes. He arrives at the venue, and it’s a glorified pub full of rough and ready cowboys who wouldn’t recognise art if it bit them in the chaps. Not only that, but the owner insists he do a drag act!

Well, he tried his best, and was doing pretty well. But then he had an event that would in later years be described as a “wardrobe malfunction”. Now he is in trouble – these cowboys don’t take well to being deceived, and poor old Francis may be in deep trouble. And for all that the innkepper’s daughter is rather nice, what’s the point if he is about to be lynched?

Congratulations to Graham Copeland for a great portrayal of this funny role, and if you want to see the show contact the macrobert box office on 01786 466666

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