2019-05-08 (Day 128) I’ve Just Unemployed You

I had hoped to grab a few backstage photos from Evita this week but – to allude to another popular musical – this show is non-stop. There is only one moment where I can grab a sneaky pic from the wings, and that is the very end of “I’d be surprisingly good for you” leading into “Another suitcase in another hall”.

Anyway, this is from the link between those songs – Eva is evicting Peron’s current mistress, so that she (Eva) can take her place. The Mistress goes on to sing “Another suitcase”, which was originally a huge hit for Barbara Dickson . It’s a beautiful song, which Jennifer sings perfectly. Michelle, as Eva, gets to sit this song out – but she is magnificent throughout the show!

There are still a few tickets left for the remaining night, but some nights are starting to run out. Check out https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/larbertamateuroperaticsociety to get your tickets.

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