2019-11-04 (Day 308) First Day In Brighton

Today I travelled from Nottingham to Brighton, checked in to my hotel and then went to the hotel where the conference was being held. During a coffee break I went down to the waterside to see what Brighton was all about.

The town is an interesting combination of impressions. The beachfront was great, with the steeply-shelving slope to the waterside and a beach of brightly coloured stones. Along the promenade were various art exhibits and recreation areas. In the distance Brighton Pier, and the skeleton of another, older pier in the sea, burned and decaying.

There was the British Airways 360, a sightseeing ride that takes you into the air in a doughnut-shaped glass observation car. The magificent hotels along the waterfront, the slightly less opulent areas when you go a few streets back, the selection of restaurants offering every type of food you could wish for.

I went for a run later on in the evening, going out to the end of pier. It was wonderful just to stand there and listen to the waves break as they pummelled the pier!