2021-01-08 (Day 008) Ochil Snow Line

So… now I know what is meant by the term “snow line”. It is amazing to see just how much of a contour that snow line can be, how much difference a few metres can make!

This is the view from Wallacestone Park, and the left-hand part of the picture is part of a monumemnt to William Wallace that is believed to be one of the earliest memorials to the historical leader. The location of the stone – and the village – is near where Wallace is said to have waited and prepared his armies for the Battle Of Falkirk in 1298.

Looking to the distance, across the vast U-shaped glaciated area that is the Forth Valley, we see the Ochil Hills. The highest peak is Ben Cleuch, to its right Andrew Gannel Hill and King’s Seat hill.

I never understand why the houses in the foreground face across the roard towards each other. If I had my way, I would want to live in one of those houses rotated by ninety degrees, looking out over the top of my neighbour’s house at that amazing view of the distant hills!