2024-03-04 (Day 064) Early Morning In The Fields

I had the misfortunate to have an early rise this morning, and found myself at the east end of Linlithgow. The day was ever so slightly misty, the fields looked green, the horses were out in the distance munching on the grass, the sun glowing off to the east. All told, it looked a great scene. I snapped a photo and was happy that Photo Of The Day was in the bag.

After work, I started editing the picture. And to my horror, the gentle yellow glow of the sun in the mist looked as if these poor horses were being forced to breathe an atmosphere laden with sulphur gas!

So, I had to think of Plan B. My initial thought was that the picture might look bring a hint of William Turner to the table, and so I tried playing with the some of the “look like a painting” filters in Photoshop. It’s nothing like a Turner, but I think that the distortion of the fake brushstrokes does hide the unfortunate colours and adds some… I don’t know… relaxation to the image?