2024-03-17 (Day 077) Largo Law

I had a couple of hours free today, and decided to climb Largo Law.

There is a walk-in of about 500m along a very muddy Land Rover track, which leads behind a farm ā€“ and then you get to the hill! It is not terribly high, at approximately 290m, but it is very steep and unrelenting. There were a few times I was expecting to slip and find myself back at the farmhouse again!

My mum used to holiday in the area when she was a girl, and often told me of how she would climb Largo Law when she was on holiday, and I found myself thinking of her a lot while walking, which was nice.

You get to the top of the Law, and then find that there is a dip before you get to the trig point ā€“ boy did I resent that loss of height! But as I was there, some low cloud came in and I became aware of this sheep watching me.

Luckily, the weather cleared for the way down and I had blue sky and sunshine as I tried hard not to slide down the hill on my bum!