2024-03-22 (Day 082) Black Loch, Limerigg

Today was a strange day in terms of the weather. I had to go to Uddingston, and when I left the house the sun was splitting the sky. So I decided to go via the back roads and see whether I could get a decent picture.

Approaching Limerigg, the weather was glorious. And then in the space of about two minutes the clouds came over and the heavens opened. And a few minutes after that the rain stopped, but it was still pretty overcast.

I stopped at the Black Loch to grab a picture. There were signs all over the place warning people not to swim, that lots of people had died in the loch, and reminding us all that of the emergency phone number.

Yet curiously a company has bought the land containing the loch, and you can rent canoes and perform other watersports if you are willing to pay them money. I guess you’re just not meant to fall into the water…

This picture was not taken anywhere near the “resort” part of the loch, just the land beside the road.