2010-12-28 Linlithgow Palace In The Fog

I used to enjoy going running quite frequently. Not running fast, not running a great distance, but still running. It gave me some time to chill out and the chance to feel better about myself.

However, my last run was back in August. Since then, a combination of a lingering cold, bad weather and generally "being busy" has meant that I haven’t been out for a run. That all changed today, however, when I got up and got out, going to Linlithgow to run round the loch.

When I got there I realised that that just wasn’t going to happen. The path was heavily iced over, and was just inviting a damaged ankle or worse. But the misty conditions did lend a certain something to the standard view of the castle, so I shot it with the little Ixus that has a broken focus mechanism. I must have looked quite a sight, in full running gear, picking my way across the ice with a dinky little camera in my hands.

After that I did go for a run, although it was pretty short and not on a great route. But it was still going out for a run, and was lovely for that if nothing else!