2011-01-31 Stevenage Cyclist

One evening, a cyclist was heading for home. He put on his helmet, his gloves – for it was cold – and went to his bike. To that he attached his flashing white headlamp and – presumably – a rear light. And then he was ready.

What he didn’t know was that someone was standing on a bridge over the cycleway (at Six Hills Way, just beside the Police Station). He didn’t know that that someone had a G10 mounted on a gorillapod, nor did he know that that G10 was set for a 5 second exposure at f/5.0.

But that was what happened, and the evidence is before us. We can see the shadow of that photographer, we can see a rather unpleantly bright waste bin, and most importantly we can see the effects of his flashing headlamp.

What the long-term effects of this coincidence may be, we shall never know. But with any luck it’ll include a bunch of comments in the photostream đŸ™‚