2011-02-01 Holiday Inn Express, Stevenage

This is the hotel where I am staying, the Holiday Inn Express, Stevenage. Taken with my cameraphone.

Why use a cameraphone when I have my lovely G10 with me?


So I got to my hotel room after work, and decided I was going to try a night shot out the window. The display seemed to freeze in the camera, so I pressed the power button to try it again.

Nothing happened – the display was still there, and still frozen.

So, I took the battery out of the camera. And put it back in. And the lens stayed "out", and no lights came on. Nothing.

I’ve tried taking everything out, tried leaving the battery out and putting it back in, but nothing.

The camera is insured – that doesn;t worry me – but the timing is really inconvenient.

I shall of course keep you up to date with developments