2011-06-11 (Day 289) End Of The Road

This probably isn’t the best photo I took today, but it’s here for a reason – it’s the last picture I shall be submitting from my Canon G10.

I was walking along the La Jolla beach, paddling with my sandals in one hand and the camera in the other, just looking out for anything interesting. When I framed the picture the guy above had the big Canon camera up to his eye, photographing the two girls in the kayak. That would have been a much better shot, but he brought the camera down just as a took the picture.

A few yards further down the beach, I stumbled on something. Not sure what caused it – could have been a stone, or seaweed, maybe the undertow or I just lost my footing. Whatever it was, though, the G10 slipped out of my grasp and fell into the sea. I was amazed that, when I got back to the hotel, I could recover pictures from the SD card, but the camera looks very dead indeed – there’s water inside the LCD screen.

Not a good start to this trip…. 🙁