2011-06-29 (Day 307) Splash!

Yesterday was a day of travel. The kids put up with it pretty well, but it was definitely time for a day of leisure… and what can be better than a day at the pool?

So, after a fairly quick visit to the local (and very much under construction) E. Leclerc to get some groceries, it was stright to the caravan site’s pool area (the site, incidentally, was www.esterel-caravaning.fr/). We spent the bulk of the day there, with the kids in the pool and the adults sometimes in the pool, sometimes lying in the sun.

Jenni spent a lot of time playing with the Sony camera; she found burst mode and caught me on my way into the pool!

We phoned the Nice airport lost property office, who had not found the phone. Marie sent a text message to the phone, saying "if you find me, please call this number", and I rang Orange to mark the phone as lost. Then I gave up on all phone-related thoughts.

The caravan site was extremely hilly, so every trip from the caravan to anywhere else demanded some physical effort. This was in many ways a good thing, as it meant that that you could feel entirely justified in consuming as much bread or cheese as you wanted!