2011-06-30 (Day 308) Gary the Grasshopper

After making sure that Marie and the kids were breakfasted and set up at the pool, I went for a drive in the Massif d’Esterel, which was literally just behind out campsite. The Massif is a range of hills rising to 614m. The roads are very narrow and the French seem rather dismissive of Armco, so the drive was… entertaining.

Anyway, there will be some pictures to come from the Massif, but most of the time I was seriously hampered in my picture taking by the amount of dust in the air. This is clearly a place one should visit in the sunlight after a heavy rainstorm.

I went back to the site and once again we spent much of the day at the pool. We also had a game of crazy golf, and it was here that we met Gary the Grasshopper (above) – so named by Jenni.

Now, Gary and his friends were a very noticeable feature of the site. But this was the first time we saw one of his kind (I do hope that this is indeed a grasshopper!) Gary clearly has vision problems, as he needs to wear glasses. But he was a very friendly soul, hopping onto the rim of the crazy golf course to say hello, and myopically watch us failing utterly to get the ball into the hole…

He is a little out of focus, I admit… but I still liked his face!

After this, it was back to the van to get packed up… tomorrow, we were moving inland!