2012-02-05 (Day 036) Forbes Mausoleum

Marie, Jenni and I went for a walk through Callendar Park today, and while doing so came across this wonderful building.

According to the Falkirk Local History Society, this is a mausoleum built by the Forbes family in the early 1800s.

Today, sadly, it seems to be a hangout for Tennents drinkers, if the number of cans ling around is anything to go by.

To be fair, the council has cemented up the door to limit the amount of damage that can be done. And, I suppose, every town needs spaces that the Tennents crowd can go to so that they’re not drinking on the doorsteps of decent folk. But it is sad to see this beautiful building being neglected like this.

So… do any of my female facebook friends fancy donning Ophelia-style gowns and posing on this building? Assuming I can clone out the graffiti, that is!?