2022-01-09 (Day 009) Belated Happy Birthday

The papal bull which created Glasgow University was signed on 7th January 1451, so I am only a couple of days out for marking the University’s birthday.

It took a long time for the document to reach Glasgow – it didn’t get here until 20th June in the same year. They didn’t have email in those days to speed things up so it took over five months for the message to get through. By coincidence, five months is approximately the time that it takes to get through to Virgin Media customer service on their internet chat line.

Anyway, this is the Uni shot on a cool evening. Any camera shake is because of the cold!

The official name of this building is the Gilbert Scott Tower. The It is named after its architect who designed it. The contract drawings were completed in 1866, but Scott died before the tower was completed in 1891.