2024-02-26 (Day 057) Forth Valley Panorama

This is the first panoramic photo this year, I don’t expect it to be the last.

There is a patch of land that has been cleared near one of my favourite dog-walking routes. I thought I would go onto it and see what view it afforded me of the Forth Valley, and I’m glad I did.

It’s a view I could look at for hours. The snow-covered hills at the left must be Ben Venue and Ben Ledi, further round you can see an escarpment that I think must be the Touch Hills and the Fintry Hills. After that, the town of Stirling itself, almost a military version of Mon St Michel in the way it sits on its little island of rock. And then behind that, Stuc a Chroin and Ben Vorlich. Somewhere around there is the Wallace Monument, but I can’t pick it out. And I have no idea what is catching the light somewhere west of Stirling.

I guess the view is slightly damaged by the steam coming out of the Caberboard plant at Cowie, but nothing’s perfect. Still lovely though.