2024-02-13 (Day 044) Pittenweem Tollbooth Steeple

This is the Pittenweem Tollbooth Steeple. The bulk of it was originally completed in 1588, but the parapet and the spire were added later in 1630. A bell was added to the tower in 1663 – apparently cast at a foundry in Stockholm. Amazing to think that such international trade took place so long ago!

Originally the tollbooth held a prison cell and the council chamber, but the council moved to the new town hall in 1940 and I don’t believe that there is a prison in the village any more! However, that cell was used during the Pittenweem Witch incarcerations of 1704, which saw five local women being put to death for witchcraft.

The steeple has now been incorporated into the parish church, and the Church of Scotland is looking to sell the building. I wonder what is in store for this impressive old building?